Beekeeping: Split the hives

Published on Wednesday, April 25, 2012 By Brad Wardell In Pets & Nature

Today was a reasonably warm day and very sunny.  I used the opportunity to split one of my beehives into two.

Here’s how that works.

I have a beehive that’s doing pretty well. To split a hive, you take a bunch of frames from inside the hive that have eggs and open celled larva and move it (and the bees on the frame) to the new hive.  In a few days, week, the bees will realize there’s no queen and feed one of the larva royal jelly which will turn that bee into a queen.

I currently have 4 hives, the goal this year is to get that number to 6.  As of today, I have 5.  If I get another nice day, I hope to split another.