The Home Stretch: Have we succeeded?

Published on Friday, September 28, 2012 By Brad Wardell In Elemental Dev Journals


Yesterday we released Elemental: Fallen Enchantress BETA 5-C.  This build is our first pass at balance and UI enhancement.  

Next week we will have a BETA 5-D which will focus almost exclusively on bug fixing and balancing as well as some new AI counter-strategies so those of you who have posted your game play strategies online (foolish humans! <g>). We are reaching the home stretch.  We will also have a Beta 5-E. After that, we'll see where things stand.

Many of you have been in the beta for a very...very long time. I can't imagine the challenge it is to evaluate the game from the perspective of a typical PC gamer.  But we're going to ask you, once again, to try to do just that:

Please go to: and vote on your impressions of the game in your hands.

We are very excited to see what players think. 

These past two years have been wonderful. The community we have built together has been amazing and on behalf of the Stardock team, we really have enjoyed listening to your ideas, impressions and suggestions.

Like all Stardock games, 1.0 isn't the end of our journey. Even as I type, Sins of a Solar Empire: Rebellion v1.1 nears completion. Ideas and code snippets for FE expansions and successors float around. And there's some exciting things we hope to announce in the coming months.

We look forward to your opinions: