Fallen Enchantress: Gameplay Guide

Published on Monday, October 8, 2012 By Brad Wardell In FE Sneak Peeks

A Strategy Game in an RPG world

Fallen Enchantress is a turn-based strategy game set in the fantasy world called Elemental. In it, you are one of the few beings capable of channeling magic from the various shards of power that are scattered across the world. As such, the people look to you for leadership to spread your civilization across the land.

Through the course of the game, you will research new technologies, learn new magical spells, raise armies, negotiate treaties, fight wars and go on quests as your people struggle for domination of the world.



  • Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 or later.
  • Video card must have at least 512MB of memory
  • Total system memory of at least 2GB in order to play.
  • We recommend a 64-bit version of Windows as Elemental: Fallen Enchantress will make use of the extra memory to improve performance.

The Legend of the Fallen Enchantress

To set the stage for the main game, Fallen Enchantress includes a campaign that explains how the world got into such dire straights. Without getting too specific, the world was broken approximately a century ago when the men of the west combined forces under a single sovereign named Amarian. They marched west to confront the Titan Emperor, Curgen.

Over the previous centuries, the immortal Titans had twisted the inhabitants of of the world into various new species, collectively called “The Fallen”. These included the Quendar, who were the scholars and elite warriors of the Titans, the Trogs, who were bred purely for war and the Urxen, who served as workers for the Empire.

Curgen, in an attempt to crush his enemies, attempted to open a rift that would bring in reinforcements from the world in which the Titans hailed from. When his plan failed, a massive cataclysm occurred that laid waste to the world. Nearly everyone died.

For approximately a century, the various mortal races struggled to survive.  During this time, far older beings began to lay claim to the world. These Elemental Lords and their allies began to dominate the land.

Eventually, your character was born with the gift to channel magic from the scattered elemental shards that remained after the destruction of the Titans. Your objective is to bring order back to the world.

The campaign, tells the story of one of these “channelers”. Relias, who, at the time, was an agent of Queen Procipinee, the most gifted Channeler of the new age.  He has been sent to the East to seek out the Oracle who will tell Procipinee how to prevent the rise of the Empire of Sorcery, a great evil that has been prophesized since before the cataclysm.


Design your Mage or Sorceress

Legend tells that once the world was filled with magic. But when the Titans came, they brought with them the Shards of the Telenanth to absorb this magic.  What the Titans didn’t expect was that upon absorbing their fill of magic, they would become rooted to the ground they had been placed.

The Titans could not use these shards. They simply deprived the mortals of the world the ability to use magic.  However, in time, beings began to be born who could channel magic from the shards. While few in number, they were destined to become mighty sovereigns with their own realms.

You are one of these rare individuals with the ability to channel magic and lend your power to your chosen champions to use to fulfill your objectives.


At the start of the game, you can either choose a pre-made sovereign or create your own.


Once you decide who you are, you then choose where you are and who your opponents are.

You can play against your previous creations as well as set each player’s intelligence individually


Rise to power

At the start, it is you. There is only you.

You will gain followers, soon enough

The land is still shattered. While it is far better than it was a century ago, most of the land is still unfit for living.  It will take centuries for the lands to make a full recovery.

That is not to say the world is desolate. Other creatures find the current environment outstanding. The Kingdoms prefer the green grasses that were once the dominant form of plant life in the world.  The Empires tend to prefer the alien grasses and plants that the Titans brought with them (they are violet in color). The monsters prefer the barren landscapes in-between.

When you start, you will see that the land is rated for you based on the 3 core environmental resources:

  • Grain (from which food comes from)
  • Materials (from which production comes from)
  • Essence (from which magic comes from)

All three are vitally important and there are endless debates on which one matters the most. Food means larger populations which means more money and more research.  Materials leads to being able to build more things faster.  Essence means the ability to cast more enchantments on the city and certain city improvements gain significant bonuses, it is the true wild card.


Your sovereign founds the first city. After that, only pioneers can construct new ones.

From your cities come your pioneers (who build outposts and new cities), scouts (for exploring the world), and soldiers (to conquer the world).


To aid, gifted champions can be found and recruited. They often have knowledge of magic and by aligning with you, gain access to the magic that you channel.


In addition, as your cities attract people from the wilds, your ability to recover the technologies of old increases.


Pioneers can also build outposts anywhere on the map. Outposts aren’t cities but allow players to extend their zone of control and make use of any resources in those area. They also contain a limited number of upgrades that increases their potency as time passes.


In time, your humble city will grow to be a prosperous capital


Your citizens will work tirelessly for you


Being a sovereign is a tough job, you have to manage your taxes, deal with unrest, choose what new city improvements to construct all while dodging dragons, demons and other horrors from the wilds




Discover a rich world

As sovereign, there is much happening within your realm. So-called adventurers will occasionally stir up some ancient evil. However, you and your champions can partake of your own adventurers.


Whether it be a humble Inn or an ancient dungeon, the world offers many opportunities to find unique and and powerful loot.



As you find more loot, you will able to equip yourself to be increasingly powerful


Better weapons and armor

Better accessories


Better modes of transportation


You and your champions can be individually customized with the gear you acquire during your lifetime. As you gain experience, you will be granted new levels of abilities to choose from.


Even when you think you’ve got a handle on the world, you may discover that there’s a lot more there to it (depending on map size)


Match wits with sophisticated opponents

You are one of the very few who can channel magic from the elemental shards. But you are not the only one.  Across the world, a handful of others have also made use of this ability to establish realms of their own.



Three sovereigns together at the early stages of their realms.


Technology, resources, treaties and more can be negotiated with other factions

It can be very challenging to build a network of alliances to defend your interests as well as keep more powerful neighbors at arm’s length


Wield powerful magic

During the age of the Fallen Enchantress, magic is understood under one of the 5 elemental forces: Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Life, Death.

Earth protects. Air enlightens. Fire damages. Water grows. Life creates. Death destroys.


As you and your champions gain levels, your knowledge of spells will improve.

One of the paths to victory is re-construct the ancient Forge of the Overlord and then cast the Spell of Mastery upon it. Along that path, you may gain the knowledge to summon demons, raise volcanoes, smite enemies with tidal waves, or simply use it to heal the broken world.

Powerful spells can help turn the tide against foes that have greater mundane capability.


With enough mana and magical knowledge, great feats of sorcery are possible

A city can become ashes in moments


A city was once here


Take the battle to the enemy

Perhaps you will be  successful in avoiding war. However, should it become necessary, you are not without options.

Your opponents will attempt to flank your strong points to take your cities. Be careful.


Be careful about being flanked by the AI


Negotiate trade and treaties with other powers


Negotiate peace treaties


Trade knowledge, resources, and even alliances


Acquire rare spells, items and weapons by going on quests



This quest will gain you a mystical shield



A strategy game that also contains quest locations



Design your own units to match the conditions of your particular world


What resources you have may heavily influence what weapons and armor your units make use of

Is your enemy heavily reliant on cutting based weapons? Then equip your units with armor that is particularly protective against cutting weapons.  What about enemies that are heavily protected against fire magic? Design units that use ice magic instead. The game includes many built in units but you can design your own. Best of all, the computer players will make use of your unit designs in future games.


Massive replayability

Each game is a new experience.  Worlds can be randomly generated. Your opponents can be randomized. You never know what quests or items you may come across. Each game is a new beginning. Moreover, as you play, the game changes. The sovereigns you create, the units you design, the factions you make all may return in future games as opponents.

And remember: This is a Stardock game. Nobody supports their games like Stardock does. That means updates and improvements and enhancements long after release.