Autoresolving for fun and profit

Published on Saturday, October 13, 2012 By Brad Wardell In FE Sneak Peeks


Tactical battle, fought by me vs. AI.


Auto Resolve:



It was raining today so I thought I’d peek in on how the auto resolve code worked.  The idea behind auto resolve is to provide a *fast* perf wise estimate of going through the motions of a full tactical battle.  It’s not the same and can’t be by design because otherwise, the time between turns could get ridiculous.

However, some smart beta testers (who we’ll refer to as evil overlords who I’ve sent goons after) observed that the auto resolve didn’t make use of the various abilities and spells sometimes available, especially to monsters.

So that’s what I did today was hook those up.  What I didn’t do (sorry fellow grognards) is hook every single thing up to the details area (hence you’d lose a lot of the perf with all those strings being written out).  Mainly buff spells and the like. They’re used but they’re not documented in the turn by turn because there isn’t a reporting area for buffs in the code and again, the purpose here is speed, speed and speed.

But as you can see, auto resolve and my efforts at tactical resulted in the same result.  The only shameful thing is that when I fixed up auto resolve I realized that there were some combat abilities not being used well by monsters in tactical (like acid spit). 

The good news is that this should make sure that auto resolve can’t be abused to take out range-heavy armies or armies that rely heavily on spells.  Sorry Verga. 

But unlike most people. I don’t fear Verga and his Trogs. Those goons would never dare confront me. 

Hmm. Someone’s at the door…