Countdown: 4 days to release

Published on Friday, October 19, 2012 By Brad Wardell In Elemental Dev Journals

Only 4 days left!

So let's talk about..The Fallen Enchantress.

Originally, we were going to have a button that said "campaign" and the user would play through it and that would be that.  But instead, we've renamed it "Scenarios" for two reasons.

First, because we wanted to pave the way for additional scenarios in the future that could be added in without needing some "expansion pack". After all, the Fallen Enchantress campaign was created using the built in modding tools. There's nothing stopping modders from making and sharing their own scenarios and we wanted a UI that would support that.

Second, because the campaign plays so differently from the sand box game, we didn't want new players to think of the campaign as some introduction to the game.  The Fallen Enchantress plays far more RPG-ish (it's all about your champions and characters). It's very fun but very different from the main game.

A long long time ago...

There was born a young girl who could tell the future. So powerful was she that the Magi put her in a secure place where great kings could come to ask her advice.  When the Titans came, they destroyed her temple and put her into a deep sleep for the day when all their foes were vanquished and they could exploit her power for themselves.

Of course, the Titans were eventually defeated resulting in the cataclysm that broke the world. But the curse on the Oracle remained and so she has slept for an entire age of the world.

In the west, Queen Procipinee, heir of the King of all the Western realm, recognized the signs that pointed to an old prophecy of the rise the Empire of Sorcery. 

Procipinee seeks to unite the realms of the world under her banner and fears the rise of any rival powers. To thwart this prophecy, she has sent her greatest champion, Relias, into the East to find the Oracle, release her from the curse and find a way to avoid the world being ruled by an Empire of Sorcery. She has told him to seek our her vassal, Kraxis for aid as well.

Stardock's Jon Shafer is the designer of the campaign and fantasy author, Dave Stern, wrote it. And here is a preview of it, shown publicly for the very first time...