Fallen Enchantress Forum Rules

Published on Friday, October 19, 2012 By Brad Wardell In Fallen Enchantress

Greetings! With release comes a lot of new people to the forums.  We've created quite a community here over the past couple of years we hope to keep the forums a fun and interesting place for people to discuss topics related to the Elemental game universe.

Below are the rules in no particular order that we ask people to respect and with my own commentary with them as to why they exist.

  1. Don't be a jerk. Pretend the other people are in the same room with you.
  2. Don't drag baggage from other places here. We don't care what you heard about XYZ, we're not interested.
  3. This is a forum about the game. That doesn't mean you get to vent on how we suck or the game sucks though. Constructive criticism is welcome. Constructive means there's something that could be realistically done about it. Crapping on the game (or other games) is not welcome.
  4. Do not disclose other people's private info if you find it out.
  5. Being a customer doesn't mean rule #1 doesn't apply to you. 
  6. No alternatives or "fake users" allowed. If we catch someone with false information posting, it's instant banning.

That's it.  Just 5 things.  We reserve to lock posts or even hide posts that violate these rules. We'll also occasionally rename post titles in order to make them more specific.