Fallen Enchantress / Legendary Heroes side by side

Published on Tuesday, February 5, 2013 By Brad Wardell In FE Sneak Peeks

Without clicking on the thumbnail, what differences do you notice between the two? Not in terms of what units appear on what. But in terms of general visuals.  One of the things we’ve done with Legendary Heroes is revisit the underlying lighting and shadowing engine in Kumquat.

Earlier this year, we got a visit from Intel who brought forth many new tools that we’ve used to have our cake and eat it too – Legendary Heroes has a faster graphics engine than Fallen Enchantress does. We’ve backported as much as we could of this into what will become FE v1.3 but much of it is unique to Legendary Heroes.

These screenshots show how important lighting is not just in terms of making things "pretty" but in terms of controlling what game elements you want to have stand out.


LH-main map-5