The Gun Thread

Published on Saturday, August 24, 2013 By Brad Wardell In Firearms

So what kind of firearms do you have? Any?

I've got a CZ-75 P07 0.40 pistol.  This one my favorite pistol.

I've also got a S&W Model 28 revolver which is my favorite handgun overall even though it's just a 6 shooter and has a 6 inch barrel.

I also have a Mossberg 500 pump shotgun and a Benelli M4 semi-auto shotgun. I have a few others but I don't tend to use them anymore (not enough time to practice)

In terms of rifles, my favorite one to shoot is a 10/22 but I have a SIG 556, a LMC AR-15 Defender and an ACR but I haven't had time yet to put them through their paces.  I've got some other files (a Ruger Mini 14 which I don't like).

Ironically, I do not own a 9mm pistol. I'm thinking of getting a Glock 19.