The Battlefield 4 thread!

Published on Saturday, November 2, 2013 By Brad Wardell In PC Gaming

I’m on as Draginol.

My love this game for so many reasons.  If you’re in it, friend me, it’s so much better when you are playing with friends.

For me, being “into” guns really adds to the enjoyment.  I am playing mostly as an engineer and I’ve upgraded to the ACW-R (Adaptive Combat Rifle) which, it turns out, I have in “real life” (though in real life it’s semi-automatic of course).  But it’s really cool to play the game with a weapon you actually own.


The game also has the CZ-75 pistol. I have that in real life but haven’t made it up the latter in the game yet to have it.

If you have BF4, look me up! Let’s play!