Founders discussion topic: Overview

Published on Thursday, December 26, 2013 By Brad Wardell In GalCiv III Founders


I'm creating this thread as a general reference thread because this is bound to come up.

The overall design of Galactic Civilizations III is pretty set in stone. We know what game we want to make and we think GalCiv fans are going to like it.

We generally subscribe to the Sid Meier design philosophy for new titles in a series:

  • 33% of the game should be the same as the previous
  • 33% of the game should be the features from the previous but enhanced
  • 33% of the game should be new features entirely

You've seen this with the previous Galactic Civilizations games and the same is true here.

However, there are pieces of the latter two categories that we are very interested in talking to players about because they aren't set in stone and part of the fun of making a game is talking to the fans who know the game well.  

What we want to get across is that discussing these features and soliciting feedback should not be construed that we're making a game designed by committee or that we don't have a very firm understanding of the game we're making.  

And now, here come the topics!