Founders discussion topic: Colony control

Published on Thursday, December 26, 2013 By Brad Wardell In GalCiv III Founders

As GalCiv III founders know, the old slider-based economic controls are gone. Dead. No longer alive.

In their place is what can be described as a production dial where the player determines what they want their people to focus on: Wealth, Research, Manufacturing.

Now, here is the discussion topic:

The current plan is that the the production wheel sets the civilization default with the ability of players to override it on a planet by planet basis. This allows players who want to micro-manage their planets to do so without forcing them to do so if they don't want to.  The question is: What level of per planet tinkering do you think the game should have and why?  

As a reminder, please read this:

Our current plan is to let people tinker with the production priorities on a per planet basis if they choose with a global one setting the default for planets. But we aren't married to this and hence the discussion.

I should also point out that this has a major change from the previous 2 GalCiv games: There is no such thing as production waste in GalCiv III. Population provides the base production of a planet and planetary improvements provide % bonuses in particular areas based on that.  By contrast, in GalCiv II, a factory might provide 5 IP. In GalCiv III, same factory would provide say a 5% production bonus with the production stemming from the planet's population.

It ends up being a much much nicer system and a lot less clunky late game.