Star Control - Introduce yourself

Published on Saturday, January 4, 2014 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Community


Tell us a little bit about yourself and if you're interested in participating on our Skype #StarControl channel, post your Skype ID.

As for me, I'm Brad Wardell.  I'll be the Executive Producer on the new Star Control game.  I played Star Control 1/2/3 when they were first released back in the late 80s and early 90s.  Star Control 2 consumed my life for many months and had a profound impact on my career.

Like many of you, I waited in hope that one day, Toys for Bob would be able to get back and make a new Star Control game (or if they couldn't get the rights to the original name and publishing rights a Ur-Quan universe game).

When the Star Control franchise became available to be acquired, I jumped at it.  The designers of Star Control 1/2 run Toys for Bob still but it's now owned by Activision who won't let them participate on the new game.  

As far as I'm concerned (and therefore Stardock), Paul and Fred *own* the Ur-Quan universe. Not just the source code but the aliens, ships, the lore, everything.  I think most of my fellow fans feel the same way. So the new Star Control game won't be able to leverage the Ur-Quan and related aliens and history (unless Paul and Fred give explicit permission) but it also gives us, the fan community, who have given these matters much thought over the past 2 decades, an opportunity to establish a new continuity that can manifest itself in a AAA game with a multi-million dollar budget, veteran developers from Firaxis, Big Huge Games, Stardock, etc.

In short, we (and by we I mean you guys and us) know what a Star Control game should be like. But we also have the freedom to create a whole new continuity with new aliens, new histories, etc. without fear of having to retcon something or violate the Ur-Quan continuity.

With that in mind, tell us about yourselves.