Greetings and welcome! Questions and Answers

Published on Friday, March 28, 2014 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations III


First off, welcome to the Galactic Civilizations III Steam forums! We are so glad you're here! 

Before you post please read this as I'll try to answer some of the common topics that come up here.

#1 $99!? For the Founder Edlite Edition?!

Yes. The idea is to let GalCiv fans who are interested in the long-term success of GalCiv III. 

The Founder's Elite edition gives you:

  • The base game (which will list for $49.99 when released)
  • The future expansion packs (we current have 4 planned)
  • All DLC (we plan to do around 6 the first year and 4 per year subsequently as long as there is interest)
  • Access to our Founder's vault which includes access to our own internal dirty laundry (internal docs, failed concepts, music drafts, etc.)
  • Naming a star in the game
  • Forum badge and special forum access

The idea being a bit like some recent games that have come out that have let you do the same thing which can be convenient for those who just want to sit down and always have "everything".

#2 Why not have a seperate option for those who don't want all that?

When the BETA arrives, the Founder Elite version will go away entirely and have the regular version. We actually had this on where the standard edition was only $40. 

The regular version with early access will be discounted over the final price as a thank you to those willing to put up with Beta bugs.

However, the ALPHA is a very different animal. It sucks. It's not fun. It's ugly. And for that reason, we decided that it made more sense to only share it with those who are looking to be with us for the long haul and thus looking at the long-term.

By the time the BETA hits, the game should suck a lot less and be less ugly.

#3 Why have an Alpha at all?

The big reason for the public alpha is the same reason I had a public alpha back in 1993 for the original OS/2 verrsion of GalCiv (back when I was in college). 

Alpha access is early enough where we can experiment with new ideas that we may subsequently throw out. The downside is that it's a real sausage factory. People always imagine game designs being set in stone. But they're not. 

Having our most dedicated players sharing their ideas and thoughts early in the process can be helpful. Starbases in GalCiv came from the beta community (for example).

#4 Why 64-bit only?

We are looking for GalCiv III to be able to be enhanced and expanded on for a very very long time. GalCiv II was 32-bit and came out in 2006. By 2009, we could no longer add more stuff to it because we were out of RAM (all those ship parts for ship design and having thousands of unique planets gets memory intensive). 

64-bit is cutting edge today but in 2021, it's going to be pretty passe.

Having the base game be set up for 64-bit and DirectX 10/11/12 means we can do major updates to the game without having to start over.

Anyway, hope that helps! I'll be around!