Spellpack DLC - what do you want?

Published on Tuesday, May 27, 2014 By Brad Wardell In Legendary Heroes

I'm willing to make you guys a Spell pack DLC for tactical battles and code the necessary AI to use them.

What I'm interested in knowing is what kinds of spells you would like to see?

Here are some spells I'm thinking of making:

  • Mindblast: 1 HP of damage for each each individual you have in a group (so a unit with 5 guys in it would get 5 damage per guy) (unless unit resists)
  • Hero's Bane: 3 damage per unit for every champion you have in the field (unless unit resists)
  • Auro of protection - unit will receive no damage for the next hit
  • Aggression - all units gain +2 damage for their next attack
  • Defensive Stance - all units gain +3 defense for 1 round
  • Mirror Image - target enemy unit is duplicated on your side (unless it resists)
  • Brainwash - target enemy unit changes side for 1 round (unless it resists)
  • Deadly Legacy - when target unit dies, killing unit receives -5 damage (unless it resists)
  • Baffle - Enemy units spell mastery decreased by half for 3 turns
  • Sacrifice - kill target friendly unit, gain that unit's attack/defense/HP for rest of battle
  • Dazzle - target enemy unit has 50% chance to hit friendly units during its next attack
  • Dogpile - Target unit will do 1 damage to every enemy that takes damage for the rest of the battle
  • Arrow bait - Mirage unit summoned, all ranged weapons will strike this unit until it's destroyed
  • Essence Tap - for every champion in the battle, that side loses 2 initiative.