The world’s best strategy game developers are teaming up

Published on Wednesday, September 10, 2014 By Brad Wardell In PC Gaming


This week the team up of Stardock and Dallas based BonusXP was announced! We’re all very excited to work together on a new game that we think gamers are going to really like.

Little by little the pieces of our long-term strategy get announced.  Here’s a recap of what’s been going on:


  • Stardock sells its Impulse digital distribution platform to Gamestop


  • Stardock spins off its enterprise software unit into EdgeRunner
  • Stardock builds a second game studio in Plymouth Michigan


  • Stardock and the development leads from Civilization V team up to form Oxide Games is founded to build a next-generation strategy game centric 3D engine
  • Stardock and Civilization IV designer Soren Johnson along with the Civilization IV/V art leads team up to form Mohawk Games to develop an economic RTS called Offworld Trading Company
  • Stardock acquires the trademark and publishing rights for the Star Control franchise (


  • Stardock hires engineer, Adrian Luff to run Stardock Austin and build a next-generation Metagame platform.
  • Stardock and the development team and designer of the Age of Empires series (BonusXP) team up on an unannounced strategy game
  • [October: New Stardock PC 4X game announcement]
  • [October: New Game Studio announcement soon]
  • [Soon:  New Game Studio announcement soon]


  • New IP RTS game announcement
  • New Stardock 4X 4X game released
  • New IP game announcement
  • Galactic Civilizations III release
  • New IP game announcement

The nature of the team ups

From a game development point of view, the development, art, sound, music and design teams that were involved in Civilization, Civilization III, Civilization IV, Civilization V, Age of Empires series, Galactic Civilizations series, Sins of a Solar Empire series and more are all able to collaborate, support each other on everything from code review, design suggestions, gameplay feedback, art direction, etc.  

The next few years are going to be an amazing time to be a gamer!