Elemental Universe timeline

Published on Thursday, October 2, 2014 By Brad Wardell In Sorcerer King


We should probably add this to the FAQ but people have been asking how the various Elemental universe games relate to each other.

To recap:

2010: Elemental

2012: Fallen Enchantress

2013: Fallen Enchantress: Legendary Heroes

2015: Sorcerer King

All the games exist in the same world but at different times.

Elemental took place 100 years after the Cataclysm and dealt with the War of Magic.

Fallen Enchantress deals with the rise of Ceresa and her undead armies.

Sorcerer King takes place much later AFTER Ceresa's defeat and a much more powerful enemy coming in and destroying everyone.

In the BETA, you play as the son of Relias. You have the Forge of the Overlord which is where the crafting comes from.