Sorcerer King BETA road-map!

Published on Friday, October 3, 2014 By Brad Wardell In Sorcerer King Dev Journals


We’re very excited to have you with us on Sorcerer King.  We hope you’re having as much fun playing the beta as we are having making it.  This post will go over the road-map between Beta 1 and the final release of the game so you can see where things are.

Milestone #1: Sorcerer King BETA 1 [October 2014]

  1. Crafting is in
  2. Outposts attack enemies in ZOC and can be upgraded
  3. Minor factions are on map but don’t do anything
  4. Wizard sovereign is in
  5. City improvements determine available base units
  6. Default small maps are in.
  7. Trained units can be equipped with crafted items (even Bailey! <g>)

Milestone #2: BETA 2 [November 2014]

  1. Minor factions ally up with either you or the Sorcerer King based on what the player (or SK) does.
  2. Minor factions give player access to their unique units that cost 0 logistics
  3. Sorcerer King will begin casting spells into tactical battles
  4. Priest, Warrior, Guardian sovereign added
  5. Sovereign customization in
  6. Summoning Spellbook added
  7. Pretty Quest screen added

Milestone #3: BETA 3 [December 2014]

  1. HighDPI UI support (>2K/4K display enhancements)
  2. Warlord, Tinkerer sovereigns added
  3. Dungeon Master world system added (Everything you do in the game feeds data to the DM that may come back to help or hurt you later, variables will be listed in the Quest screen)
  4. Hall of Fame added
  5. In-Game status reports on how you’re doing in various interesting way
  6. Large map support added
  7. Random Map generation added


After Beta 3, it’s content, content, content.  More monsters, units, spells, abilities, quests, balance, bug fixing, etc.