Dwarven Allies

Published on Friday, October 3, 2014 By Brad Wardell In Sorcerer King Dev Journals



Getting a ton of questions regarding minor races.

Here’s the scoop:

You and the Sorcerer King are trying to woo the “remnant factions” (minor races).  Each time you succeed, you gain favor with them. When enough favor has been gained, they will ally with that player.

If they ally with you, they will be attacking the Sorcerer King on their own as well as giving you units. In addition, you can outright ask them for help


Each minor race can provide different types of help. All of them will give you access to their unique units.  Some have powerful magic that can take points off the doomsday counter. Others have potions and still others have unique spells that only they have that they’ll share with you.

Each game, what the minors have will change slightly. That is, you won’t get the same potions or spells or ingredients every time. They have their own fairly vast library of “stuff” that is unique to that race.

As a practical matter, you won’t be able to ally with everyone. They have grudges with one another.  For example, the Swamp Giants have a problem with Pariden as Queen Procipinee kicked them out of their ancestral lands.  Hence, if you’re friends with Pariden, it’ll be much harder to be friends with the Swamp Giants.  The quests and conversations you have will differ based on what you’ve done in the game as well as who you’re friends (or enemies) with.