SK: Saturday’s additions

Published on Saturday, November 15, 2014 By Brad Wardell In Sorcerer King Dev Journals

Unit_Misc_Wraith_PortraitHad a busy Saturday playing and adding new stuff.

Here’s a sampling:


  1. Lots of tweaks to quests to give players more intangible traits.
  2. Lot of work on the Guardian sovereign in general
  3. Guardian gets a mass sleep spell
  4. Guardian gets a mass slow spell
  5. Guardian gets an obstruct map spell (rains rocks onto the tactical map causing those tiles to slow down enemies)
  6. Guardian gets a damage reflection spell where damage is 2X back at the enemy as long as that unit is standing in that tile (i.e. it’s tied to the tile)
  7. AI updated to be smart about tiles (darkling unit will exchange places with player unit on these tiles sometimes so be careful)
  8. Guardian gets a spell called harvest shadow land. Turns shadow land back into grasslands and creates a Nymph egg that can be picked up.
  9. More monster lair variation (still working on this)
  10. Nymph egg item created and it can be used in battle as an item too
  11. Lots of new chaos spells based on forum feedback
  12. Nymph unit (it’s a baby Morian)
  13. Minor races you ally with now crank out bigger armies to clean out SK units on the map in their part of the world
  14. Beautify Land spell increases movement in that tile
  15. Some fixes to raise and lower land spells
  16. Fixed coloring of potions (health is red, mana is blue)
  17. Sorcerer King casts spells into tactical battles IF you’re fighting his forces.
  18. Sorcerer King focus on your battle depends on your player threat (i.e. the more he’s paying attention to you, the more he intervenes)
  19. Sorcerer King has some unique spells including summoning darklings and other units and spells that turn your part of the tactical battle into a snowy slow mess
  20. AutoResolve better at providing more consistent results
  21. New quests to remind player if they’re forgetting to craft and other such events (done as quests so there can be fun)
  22. You can now right click on minor faction capitals to talk to them
  23. Various UI tool tips written
  24. Random maps now ready for general availability
  25. Lots of new tiles designs and stamps made
  26. Spells made generally cheaper to research

From playing today, I still don’t feel like I have enough “tools” to fight my battles. This is an area I plan to keep adding and adding to.  I wrote some World Spells (like a Time warp spell) but there isn’t sufficient feedback to the player that they’re doing anything.

Going to probably mess around with the magic slider option more tomorrow and add a lot of new spells, particularly summoning spells.

I also want to get a lot more recipes in.  The quests give a lot of recipes but they don’t display what recipe you got in the quest complete window so you don’t realize you’re getting recipes. Sad smile