Sorcerer King: Pacing test

Published on Saturday, December 13, 2014 By Brad Wardell In Elemental Dev Journals

I need more analytics in the game to do this properly but this is a start.

How long should a game last? That depends on the game. 

Sorcerer King, for me, as the designer, is meant to take elements of Master of Magic, Star control and FTL and put them together.  While those games may seem dissimilar, they each have key ingredients that I think can be blended together to create something really spectacular.

And Sorcerer King is turning out spectacularly.

Map Size Ranges:

These are random maps so they’ll have random shapes. As maps get bigger, the shard dots (the white diamonds) will get smaller. You


Tiny maps

Land tiles: 300 to 800

Shards: 8

Time to play: 1 hour 45 minutes

image image


Small Maps

Land tiles: 450 to 1200

Shards: 8-9

Time to play: 2:30 minutes

image image


Medium Maps

Land tiles: 800 to 1600

Shards: 9-10

image image


Large Maps (for the hard core)

Land Tiles: 2200 to 2800

Shards: 11 to 12

image image


Huge Maps (for crazy people)

Land Tiles: 3000 to 5000

Shards: 12

image image


Misc. Screenshots


Just thought this looked cool. Winking smile