Sorcerer King: Beyond Beta 5

Published on Tuesday, March 10, 2015 By Brad Wardell In Sorcerer King


When you get the new beta I think many of you will be shocked at how far the game continues to come.  It is so much more polished than anything we've done before on the fantasy side of things.

That said, the marketing team has put in a request that we MOVE the date to July.  While we have lots of developers and artists, we have finite "biz" people and with Galactic Civilizations III's release coming up along with the Servo and Ashes prep coming up, they have asked if we could hold the release up so that they have time to do a bigger release.

Of course, we would use that extra time to continue enhancing the game and it opens the door up for other improvements to the game that we had not originally intended.  But on the other hand, that would mean more months in early access which is beyond what a lot of people signed up for.

So before I make a final decision on what the release date should be, I wanted to find out form our early access customers what they would prefer.