Ashes: Extreme zoom

Published on Friday, March 20, 2015 By Brad Wardell In Ashes Dev Journals


Usual caveats: Pre-alpha here.

But you can see the individual gravity channelers on this unit, the Artemis, which allows it to hover.  The Artemis is the mainline Post-Human missile unit.

This is at the start of the game so its secondary weapon, a long-range missile, isn't enabled (the black disabled piece in the middle). Players can upgrade their units via the tech tree (all this is subject to change based on play testing for fun and pacing).

Now, mind you, this is an extreme extreme close up. The artists are going to kill me for zooming this close as these are supposed to be small units (i.e. a big map might include thousands of these guys).  

How you put your groups together matters though. It's not just about cranking out lots of units.

The other thing I wanted to convey here is how much attention we are giving to being true to the lore. We don't simply have units that float. There is a reason for them and a lot of background on the limitations of gravitational channeling.