Founders: Share your bugaboos!

Published on Sunday, April 26, 2015 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations III

We're nearing the end of the pre-release development of Galactic Civilizations III.  While dev will continue on this game for at least the next 7 years (hence, the choice to require 64-bit, etc.).  I want to make sure you guys are happy with the 1.0 launch!

To that end, let me know what your bugaboos are. That is, things in the game that you would like to see fixed before release.

Below is MY list of bubgaboos I've already started working on:

  1. Stupid alien conversation stuff.  Aka "pap".  When I talk to aliens, I want them to feel unique.  
  2. Lighting. Some things are just too dark. 
  3. The fleet window.  I double click on a fleet, show me the whole fleet, not just 3 represenatives.
  4. AI not terraforming enough.
  5. AI doesn't have "cheap" versions of their ships.
  6. Minor races behaving not so minor


What are some of yours?