The GalCiv III v1.3 Preview Thread

Published on Tuesday, August 11, 2015 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations III


v1.2 is now out the door! Cool random events can now be created by modders and we include a few by default.  Also, if you haven't already picked it up, grab the Mega Events DLC which adds a lot of new art assets to have even more mega events (and we plan to actually be updating these DLCs over time with more stuff as we think of them too). 

DLC link:


What is 1.3 about? One thing: UI.

It's not sexy but it's time to talk about the late game micromanagement issue in this game.  It needs to be fixed and it can't wait for some future expansion. It needs to be fixed NOW.   We have a lot of things we want to do that require players to be able to manage effectively (and have it be fun) very very large empires.

1.3 is due out in 30 days so let's get to work.

Name the top 5 things you would like to see done to address micro management. Be as specific as possible.