GalCiv III v1.4 Preliminary Discussion

Published on Friday, August 28, 2015 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations III


First off, thank you so much for being part of our community.  I've been making GalCiv games for nearly my entire adult life (23 years and counting).  You guys are what makes it worth it.

Secondly, so to recap our story so far:

1.0 released in May.  

1.0x series in May/June. Bug fixes, AI tweaks, balance.

1.1 released in July (delayed due to Steam June summer Sale). Lots of usability improvements, more content, bug fixes.

1.2 released in August focused on adding the Mega Event System. Minor AI updates.  Bug fixes. Balance.

1.3 is nearly ready, September release. Focus is on UI improvements based on player feedback. Reduce micro-management.  This was the first of the post-release updates based on player feedback. Basic stab at planetary automation.

So this brings us to 1.4.

1.4 is almost purely about AI and game balance.  There will be more work on the governors.  

We ARE going to get rid of the per planet spending wheel.  I know many of you like it but it is just incredibly tedious to deal with and violates the general spirit of GalCiv (there's a reason we never had this in previous GalCivs, it's not like we hadn't thought of it).  In its place will be something different. We'd like to hear what YOU would like to see in there.

The AI work is going to focus on AI adaptation to player strategies and adding more goodies for modders to create custom AI mods.  The measurable objective for 1.4 is that on NORMAL the AI should be able to beat most players with the higher levels being substantially improved.  

Part of the improvements will come from design changes.  The game isn't designed with players getting >1 million credits per turn for instance.  So there will be some balance work to address some of the unintentional exponential growth tweaks.

Another area of improvements will come from improvements to the AI trading.

What's your view?