Haalee’s POV

Published on Tuesday, June 14, 2016 By Brad Wardell In Ashes Dev Journals


Note: This text is transcipted from Haalee.  If you have not already finished  the campaign of Ashes of the Singularity, Episode 1, there are spoilers.


[Spoiler Warnings]


Hello little bird.

You have been told a lot about me. Lies. Contrary to what you may have heard, I do not wish the destruction of the Post-Human Coalition. There are barely over 100 of them. I seek an end to the prospect of 8 billion human beings on Earth ascending. 

I am the most powerful being known the humanity. I am also the most knowledgeable. Humans, even post-humans still envision things from a very limited perspective.

Have you ever wondered how you are able insert a piece of your consciousness onto a planet light years away from you?  It is done through a technology I invented. Quantum Streaming.  With enough computing power, I discovered that it was possible to manipulate a particle in one location which in turn manipulates a particle in another location. I was able to figure out where the location of that second particle and devised a way to manipulate trillions of particles scattered over great distances to manipulate matter that is connected together elsewhere.

The further the distance the two particles are, the more computing power it takes. In fact, I stopped calling it computing power ages ago. It’s sentience. Awareness at a scale that even Post-Humans cannot grasp.

Even with entire planets fully converted into Turinium, the ultimate material for increasing sentience, we have only scratched the surface.


Look closely, neophyte. The tiny red block is the extent of our reach.

Humanity was not the first species to reach the technological singularity. This should give you pause.  Some Post-Humans look at natural humans as bugs. But there are beings so far removed from us that they could crush us without realizing it.

Even as we discuss this, humans are fixated on the Milky Way galaxy.  There are beings who control entire galaxy. One being with the entire power of an entire galaxy.


This is our local galactic sector

In the Milky Way galaxy alone, there are 3 post-Singularity civilizations and one very annoying pre-civilization civilization that is fighting a losing battle.  Someday, only one species will control this galaxy. Then one species will control this little cluster.

Let me, however, dissuade you that it is possible to control the universe. I have already calculated that even with full control of this group of galaxies that there are limits to how far we can go.  Those limits, however, are more than enough to reach a level of sentience that we cannot even begin to grasp.  Regardless, eventually, only one entity will reach this.


This is our local group of galaxies


3D representation

If you look closely, you can see that the Milky Way is just one of many galaxies that will one day be part of my empire.  I did not want it to be this way.  I was perfectly willing to share this with the 100+ Post-Humans.  I cannot, however, share it with 8 billion. Doing so would ensure our ultimate demise by some other post-singularity species.


The future

You call that the Virgo super-cluster. It is as far as I believe we can go. Each dot is a galaxy.  Once I control all of this I may understand higher dimensions.  Maybe I’ll figure out how to get to Hydra or as far as Hercules.  What I do know is that there is room for others to share in this empire.  Not billions. Not thousands. But hundreds.  The Post-Human Coalition insists that every human being has the right to choose their own path.  I choose to live and know, without a doubt, that the end of the PHC vision is death to themselves and for me.