First World Problems: July 2016

Published on Saturday, July 9, 2016 By Brad Wardell In Politics

In no particular order:

  1. People often lightly suggest that “you should sue X”. Lawsuits are multi-year arduous, tedious affairs.  My opinion is that the threshold for a lawsuit should be if you lived without civil society would you be willing to commit violence to achieve your objective? If no, then find another way.
  2. A customer of ours recently got banned on Wikipedia for aggressively defending me on my Wiki page.  Apparently he had been contributing for years. I feel somewhat responsible as I provided him with a screenshot that he used to prove the person trying to “right the wrongs of the world” by creating a narrative on my page had a bias. It’s a bummer that a guy who’s been contributing for years would just be summarily blocked.
  3. I’ve gotten back into biking. I am out of shape.  But it wouldn’t be a first world problem if I didn’t mention that I am glad I can order padded shorts from Amazon Prime.
  4. If you haven’t read SJWs always lie I recommend it for those who want to survive in today’s social media. One of the parts is “SJWs always project” which is very true. I was reading, with interest, the wiki admins arguing over my Wikipedia page with one of them swearing it was me doing the edits.  For the record, I didn’t create the wiki page on me. I didn’t ask for one. I didn’t want one.  I wish there was no Wikipedia page on me. Since the day someone made it, it has been a non-stop struggle to keep disgruntled customers and SJWs from using it as a blunt instrument to defame me.  I appreciate the fact that there are plenty of good people willing to take time to maintain the page.  The fact that some SJWs assume anyone supporting me must be a sock puppet says a lot about them. Not to put too fine a point on it but if I was that motivated “I have people”.  For me, what I am interested in is whether people are willing to voluntarily push back against SJWs..or not.
  5. Speaking of Wikipedia and social media in general, SJWs will always have the advantage since they are typically unencumbered by a job.
  6. And speaking of SJWs, my sons hate when I use that term.  And not without some irony, I will point to the Wikipedia definition of a SJW. Their entry is steeped with the bias of Wikipedia editors. But basically it’s people who espouse, passionately, support for “the correct causes” on social media but do nothing material to follow up as their motivation is merely to display how virtuous they are to their peers.
  7. Steam sale is over. We did about 20% better than last year. We would have done better but Valve implemented a “recent user review score” which I will refer to as the “Sale penalty score” since people buying a game on sale will tend to review it based on whether they would have paid full price for it (even though they obviously wouldn’t have or they would have already bought it).
  8. I have very little opinion on the #blacklivesmatter thing other than to point out that in 2015, about 1000 people, total, were killed by police of which African Americans made up around a quarter of them. Meanwhile, in third world countries, death tolls are measured differently. This doesn’t diminish the impression that too often, militarized police forces are too willing to use lethal force but only to provide some perspective.
  9. Three solar panels on my solar array are dead or the microinverter has died.  It’s remarkably tedious to get something like that fixed.
  10. Everyone seems to know that a single Tesla owner died in their car while the car was operating under Autopilot.  I have little to add to that except that people die daily from messing with their cell phones (Oh look, a Pokémon, oh look a text, oh look an invite) while driving.

That’s all for this month. Smile