First World Problems: August 2016

Published on Sunday, August 7, 2016 By Brad Wardell In Everything Else

In no particular order.


  1. If the Roomba would just empty its bin on its own, it would be a completely autonomous vacuum system.
  2. I wish there was an AI bot that could just block posts and messages from friends when they’re about politics. I don’t care which monster you want to support. You’re still supporting a monster.
  3. There are not enough bike paths to my office here in Canton/Plymouth Michigan. Nothing reminds you of your mortality like having a car zip past you going 55mph mere inches from you.
  4. It is, literally, impossible to reduce the services you pay for via Comcast online. You have to call someone. This is so consumer unfriendly that you’d think the CPA could take time out of banning magnetic balls to do something about this.
  5. Verizon let me activate my iPad 2 to have cellular service.  But it provides no way to end it unless, wait for it, you call them.
  6. The Star Control team has gotten so big that we had to eliminate our gaming area to fit more desks.
  7. Twitter is already dead. It just doesn’t realize it yet.  They rely almost completely on mobile ad revenue and still lost $107 million last quarter (that’s just 3 months) and their user base is stagnate.  As soon as the iPhone/Android app bubble bursts, so will Twitter. Even with the buble they’re losing nearly a half billion a year.  Give me $10 million and I’ll build a much better BBS and I won’t even ban you for insulting a social justice warrior.
  8. If I was a betting man, I’d bet on Slack to be what ultimately kills (or buys) Twitter. Bookmark this.
  9. I ordered a Telsa Model X in May.  It’s now August. Still waiting. They seriously need to get their shit together if they want to be able become mainstream.  My Porche 911 Turbo didn’t take this long and it had to cross the ocean (which was fun to track the freighter).
  10. I really, really don’t like Steam’s review system. It’s so open to abuse and while you might think that it would affect every game equally, it doesn’t. Certain genres (and price ranges) are much more susceptible to it. 
  11. IMDB user reviews are starting to become worthless. Thanks to bots, crappy movies get amazing launch day review scores (looks darkly at Suicide Squad’s 8.1 rating when it first was released with 13,000 “ratings”).
  12. Geothermal cooling is better on paper than in practice. 


See you next month!