Sorcerer King: Rivals Wishlist

Published on Sunday, September 25, 2016 By Brad Wardell In Sorcerer King

This is compiled list of actionable player requests we've gotten from the community.  Feel free to add your own.


  1. More types of resources with units that can make use of them
  2. More sophisticated Diplomacy
  3. More Campaigns
  4. New City improvements that use resources (like ones for logistics)
  5. Have a button under the Orb of Power that lets players directly cast the Spell of Ascendancy
  6. Have a repeatable skill that each champion gets when they max out their levels
  7. Create an infirmary where units killed can go to that you can buy to get them back (fully equipped), their equipment goes with them
  8. Expensive building (requires resources) that adds enchantment slots
  9. Option to disable ascendancy victory. Instead, player (or SK) becomes incredibly powerful when this happens
  10. Make the Neutral factions directly compete where they are all trying to ascend.
  11. Improve the tactical UI so that the abilities and items are easier to deal with
  12. Make the shard repair spell available to others as a rare spell they can research
  13. A separate tech tree with buildings that provide knowledge to get access to more powerful things.

Add yours here.