A big high-five to the Founders so far!

Published on Saturday, October 15, 2016 By Brad Wardell In Founders Starbase

Your feedback and criticisms are extremely helpful to us here.

I imagine many of you watched the No Man's Sky debacle.  I can't help but think they could have avoided all that pain if they had had a Founders Program.

Thanks to you guys we've gotten the lore to a good place.  I've been communicating with Paul Reiche and Fred Ford on some of the feedback we've gotten from you guys and I think it has helped immensely.

For example, setting Star Control 3 in its own universe rather than throwing it out as non-cannon was based on your feedback.  That, in turn, opens the door to the concept that when people start using the mod tools to create their own adventures that each adventure happens in its own universe as part of the Star Control multiverse.

Similarly, your feedback on fonts, UI, etc. is going to be critical.

My main regret so far is not having Super Melee to you guys.  I've been reading your feedback intently on what we have so far.  I have a pretty good idea on what needs to happen.  I will have more news on that in another couple weeks.  We are anxious to get Super Melee out to some of you since we have that part done from a technical point of view (multiplayer and such over the Internet).

We do have the issue of Steam only providing a very limited number of MP testing keys (as in, think hundreds) so we can't just give it out to everyone.

To be honest though, and your amazing feedback changed my mind on this, the story feedback is going to be crucial.  Originally, we were going to hold this back to keep is all a surprise but your ideas and thoughts are frankly, just too valuable not to share more internal stuff with you.