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Published on Thursday, May 25, 2017 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations III

As some of you already know, Steam now only recommends games to others if they have high user review scores.

Stardock hasn't really done much to mobilize its community to go review its games.  Hence, games with 1/10th our sales numbers will often have twice as many reviews as our games (all positive of course).

In the past, I've made some mention that we'd love to see our community be more active in reviewing our games (even if they're negative, as least they're people who are from the community and not someone who just loaded up the game for 5 minutes and found it "boring" or "hard").

This is an issue you're going to probably see a lot wider coverage of in the coming months as the difference between a game with a Mixed review score versus a Very Positive review score, regardless of the quality of the game itself, can be a factor of 100X in terms of page impressions.

Worse, the review score system had its rules changed such that our best players, who bought Lifetime Founders editions don't even get their votes counted which has a pretty significant affect on our relative review score versus publishers who not only have the ability to mobilize thousands of players to go review never had a Founder's like program.

We at Stardock would really appreciate it if you haven't already reviewed GalCiv III on Steam to take a moment and do so.

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