Origins vs. Eternal & Infinite

Published on Sunday, August 20, 2017 By Brad Wardell In Founders Starbase

So as some of you may recall, Star Control 1 was actually a bit of a strategy game while Star Control 2 was the action adventure game.

We had played around with the idea of merging both concepts into the initial release of Star Control: Origins but decided it would be too messy to try to explain what Star Control was in one fell swoop.

So instead, Eternal & Infinite will be released as a future expansion.

In EnI you get a sector (100 light years by 100 light years).  There's typically around 500 stars in a sector (really!).

Anyway, rather than controlling one ship, you run Star Control itself and explore, expand, fight wars, negotiate treaties, improve your tech, etc.

The current plan is that Eternal & Infinite will be released approximately a year after the release of Origins.