Ur-Quan Masters

Published on Saturday, October 7, 2017 By Brad Wardell In Founders Starbase

So as you know, for the past 4 years I've been talking to Paul and Fred about our work on the new Star Control game.  We have also talked about what to do about the Ur-Quan Masters.

Fundamentally, we have a problem: Star Control 3.

Years ago, Accolade made a Star Control game without Paul and Fred and that muddied up the lore.

Now, we're doing our best to clean this up by treating Star Control 3 as a separate universe.  But that leaves the issue of Star Control: Origins.  Paul and Fred asked me personally not to use the aliens for Origins so that one day they could return to their universe.

I have also talked to them about the difficult position this has put us in.  On the one hand, we want to respect their wishes but on the other hand, old-time Star Control fans are going to expect a sequel to the Ur-Quan Masters.  We also don't want people to think that we are just "Star Control" in name only (I saw an ugly RPS comment section that suggested we only had the rights to the name). 

Since then, I have lobbied them to try to get Activision to give them permission to do their own game outside of Activison.  Now, in this event it would be something like a Ur-Quan Masters II or whatever.  And I'm not a lone on this.  The Ur-Quan Masters community have also tried to help in this endeavor.

While such a sequel wouldn't be a "Star Control" game, it would, I hope, take the pressure off of us to use the aliens or connect SCO directly to SC2 (while somehow, by magic, ignoring SC3).

I'm not suggesting that we wouldn't ever use the ships and aliens in a future expansion/DLC for Star Control: Origins for the fans, but it's just not commercially viable for us to try to make something that ignores Star Control 3 or tries to reboot the story (given that Ur-Quan Masters is a free game and we still sell Star Control 2).  

Now, if we are able to help make this possible, do you think the fans would be okay with that sequel being called Ur-Quan Masters II? I realize it's a bit messy but every other solution is even messier.  We can't pretend Star Control 3 didn't happen and we can't ignore the fact that most people who will be buying Star Control: Origins weren't alive when SC 1 was released.

BTW, I am not making any promises.  This all rests on Paul and Fred's Jedi mojo.  DO NOT share any of this.  I don't want to get any hopes up and if Paul and Fred are successful, this should come from them.