Star Control: The Multiverse thread

Published on Saturday, March 17, 2018 By Brad Wardell In Star Control

In the prime Star Control universe (Origins) the Star Control project was formed to find out what happened to the post-singularity species, the Lexites after they left Earth.

Star Control: Origins represents the third universe that players have been able to adventure in.

Let's recap:

Star Control 1/2: 
Year: 2120s and on:

Earth is fighting a losing war with its allies, the Alliance of Free Stars against the Ur-Quan Hierarchy. In Star Control 2, the player is the captain of a Precursor vessel that must find a way to bring the defeated allies together and stop the Kohr-Ah, the Ur-Quan's sibling species, from annihilation all life in this area of space.

Star Control 3: 
Year: 2120s and on:
In this alternative universe, the Alliance of Free Stars won the war against the Hierarchy but at the cost of destroying Hyperspace as we know it. Now, a new enemy arises who thrives on a universe without Hyperspace and you must save the day.  This is our retcon so that we can make clear that Star Control I/II and III are in different universes.  Thus, if the story from Star Control II is continued in the future, it can be done so while easily ignoring the events of III.

Star Control: Origins 
Year: 2088:
Earth's radio signals have been detected by the malevolent Scryve Empire who dominate our area of space. They see the potential in humanity and wish to obliterate the humans before they reach their potential. You must find a way to stop the Scryve before they discover the location of Earth. Good luck though as the humans of 2086 are about as ready to handle this as...well, what you'd expect the humans of 2088.


Each of the 3 universes have important differences.

Star Control I/II is the beloved classic released by Accolade 25 years ago.

Star Control III is...less beloved (also released by Accolade) around 20 years ago.

Most people (90%) won't be familiar with the classic games which is another reason why Star Control: Origins has a clean start.

Here is one fact we can reveal:

In Star Control: Origins there was no Sentient Milieu like there was in the backstory for Star Control 2.  Thus, all the species evolved very differently than they might have done so.

In Origins, a powerful empire known as the Scryve grew to dominate our area of space around 8,000 years ago after overthrowing the "Faction of Eight" who are no longer in this area of space.  We don't know who the faction of 8 are or what role the Origins (the multi-dimensional gateways) had in helping the Scryve against the Faction of Eight.

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