Origins: Which aliens from the original series do you want in?

Published on Friday, May 18, 2018 By Brad Wardell In Founders Starbase


As you know, Star Control: Origins takes place in a different universe than SC 1/2.  So they have different timelines.

However, this doesn’t preclude any aliens from being in this timeline.

The story dictates what aliens could potentially appear.  As we have iterated on the story we have had to keep adding new aliens to the game to fill in a niche.  

For example, there’s a refugee race that is migrating through the Scryve sector. They’re completely new but weren’t added until recently because they’re not part of the central story but they are part of the greater epic that is developing not around the adventure.

Another example was the requirement for a species that had been keeping an eye on the progress of the humans for thousands of years who were wise and interested in our success. After some consideration, it made sense for the Arilou to fill that role.

Another more recent example was the need for traveling traders. As we keep ha  wring the adventure over and over with different choices and doing...unexpected things we found a need to have a race of tech and information traders. We decided the Melnorme fit this role.

Now, with the understanding that the year is 2088 and hyperspace in the Origins universe has a very different positioning of stars (the Scryve sector has more stars than SC2 I believe but it’s the stars within 70 or so light years from us so many stars in SC2 are well outside that range)...what aliens would you expect to run into? Don’t say Orz btw, we’ve considered them but we have plans for them later.

Let us know what you think. Also, remember since this is a different universe, it doesn’t change the canon in the Ur-Quan universe.