Star Control: Screenshot Friday 8-31-2018

Published on Friday, August 31, 2018 By Brad Wardell In PC Gaming

With labor day nearly here in the United States, we are putting the finishing touches on what will be the version that goes out for review.  

Here are some highlights from this week:

Better late than never.  Your ship's fuel range is now showed on the map.  Very convenient if you want to avoid Tywom fan fiction (yes, that's a thing).

The in-game codex continues to be enriched with documentation, lore, and other goodies.


Visual effects have been iterated on once again. It's come a long way.


The Terran Cruiser replaces the "Earthling Cruiser" both in name and design to better match the idea that the Vindicator class is a prototype thus new ships should have some resemblance to it.

Lots of new cut-scenes went in this week.  


You can change the game's difficulty at any time from the options menu.  However, you can set the game's default during the game setup.

Not easily visible in a screenshot but thanks to AMD sending us lots of hardware, we have been able to make the game run well on ridiculously low end hardware.  Like, think 10 year old hardware.  How? As long as the system has 4 logical cores (example, the Surface Pro is 2 cores but has 4 logical processors) we can effectively have 4 "graphics threads" going at once. giving >30fps on hardware that people will be shocked even loads t he game.   The magic of the Nitrous job scheduler in action.