Star Control: Road Map 2018

Published on Tuesday, November 6, 2018 By Brad Wardell In Star Control

Star Control: Origins is just the beginning of our journey.  This post will give you tentative schedule of what we have in the works going forward:

Fall 2018:

Season Pass: <to be announced>.  Series of new adventures that will begin rolling out this Fall. 

Episode 1: Aftermath.

Version 1.2.  Lots of usability tweaks, some new quests, performance and more.

Version 1.3.  More usability improvements, additional quests, more modding features, Vulkan support (possibly).

Winter 2018:

Version 1.4.  Additional new features, UI updates, new components, new ships. Network update.

Episode 2: The Lexites

Spring 2019:

Version 1.5. Lore based quests (doesn't require you to replay).

Episode 3: The Syndicate

Episode 4: <TBD>

Broadly speaking, our goal is to begin integrating more of the lore into the game so that players get a better idea of things that are coming in the future such as much bigger ships, landing parties, water worlds, helping colonies, helping friends and hurting enemies on a bit more strategic level (not as a strategy game, you are captain of one ship but you can make a difference).

It's a big, big universe out there.  And we are excited to keep sharing more and more of it with you!