Enable audio sharing

Published on Tuesday, June 25, 2019 By Brad Wardell In Multiplicity

Hi folks, I am testing the 3.44 version and don't understand how to share audio. Both computers have win7 64, the first is a notebook with built in speakers, the second is a desktop with external speakers. The second one has an audio icon to make settings and activate audio sharing, the first one dosn't have this icon. So I can only make settings on the second machine. When enabling audio sharing at choise "recieve audio from other computers" I must enter the Name and Password from the second PC on the first PC. But where should I do that? I didn't find any audio option on the first one where I can enter this.

When I choose "Send audio to another computer" on the second PC it requires the name and Passcode of the first PC. But where can I find it?

Hoping someone can help, thanks.