Galactic Civilizations III v3.95 Change Log (Released 10/10/2019)

Published on Tuesday, October 8, 2019 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations III


We are pleased to let you know about the exciting changes in v3.95 of Galactic Civilizations III.

This is a big one so stand back!  


  • New game option: On Surrender, transfer all planets.  Defaults to OFF
  • New game option: No FOW in your territory. Defaults to ON
  • "Ascension Victory" no longers requires you to control a majority of the crystals.  
  • Common and Abundant asteroid frequency increased.
  • When a planet gets colonized or a shipyard gets made and it sees if there is a shipyard nearby that would be in the green zone (no penalty), planet automatically becomes a sponsor.
  • Eliminated the map size limitations on map sizes as long as you have at least 8GB of memory.
  • "Nanite Transmitter" now has limited uses.
  • "Nano Fabricator" now gives 100 manufacturing overflow.
  • "Nano Fabricator" now gives a +10% Max Manufacturing bonus to the planet.
  • Dodge value on high-end thrusters reduced by 3%.
  • Tactical battle maximum final dodge increased from 10% to 20% (i.e. a ship always has a 20% chance to hit you).
  • Base relationship penalty for approaching ascension is -2 instead of -1
  • Ascension close to victory threshold lowered from 66% to 50% as there tends to be a feedback loop on accumulating points.
  • Space Rockets moved from default to Militaration tech
  • Retribution: Civilization capital max population increased from 8 to 10
  • Race Trait changes
    • Base Game: 
      • Reduced the effect of the "Popular" race trait
    • Crusade and up
      • Research techs for Drengin no longer have maint cost.
    • All:
      • Port of call is one per player instead of one per planet to align with Retribution balance
      • Productive1 trait now provides 20% instead of 10% social production boost
      • Production2 trait now provides 10% instead of 5%
      • Clever1 now provides 15% research boost instead of 10%
      • Influential1 trait now does 40% influence boost instead of 15%
      • Influential2 trait now does 15% influence boost instead of 10%
      • Economical1 now provides 15% gross income boost instead of 10%
      • Handy1 now reduces Colony Maintenace by 50% instead of 20%
      • Handy2 now reduces Colony Maintenace by 30% instead of 15%
      • Popular1 tourism per planet boost reduced from 2% to 0.4% (it's still pretty huge)
      • Popular2 tourism boost reduced from 1% to 0.2%
      • Traders1 trade boost increased from 20% to 40%
      • Traders2 trade boost increased from 10% to 15%
      • Brutal1 increases soldiering from 20% to 50% now
      • Brutal2 increases soldiering from 10% to 30%
      • Courageous1 trait now boosts resistance from 20% to 50%
      • Courageous2 trait boosted from 10% to 30%
      • SharpEyed1 increases ship accuracy from 20% to 30%
      • Sharpeyed2 increases ship accuracy from 10% to 20%
      • Agile1 increases jamming (dodge) from 20% to 30%
      • Agile2 increases jamming (doge) from 10% to 20%
      • Observant1 increases sensors from 25% to 50% 
      • Observant2 increases sensor range from 15% to 30%


  • Moved the "planet build queue" over to give the improvement list more room.
  • Moved "Word on the Street" window to the Govern screen.     
  • Tourism on a planet displays decimals if it falls below 1%.
  • The game now provides feedback when you can't select a tech because of an "Age" restriction


  • Fixed a rare bug that prevented planets and ships from spawning in the campaigns
  • Fix typos.  Hat tip our discord fans for their help
  • Ambient music no longer plays during the victory movie.