Star Control: End of 2020 status report

Published on Thursday, December 24, 2020 By Brad Wardell In Star Control

It's Christmas Eve as I write this.  2020 has been a pretty crazy year.  Covid has affected us just as it has probably affected many of you.

In the case of Star Control, it has put a big crimp in our plans.  

The roadmap for Star Control is for us to bring the engine to be cross platform between PC, XBOX and PS.  The problem is that the project has a single dev kit per platform.  Normally this isn't a big deal.  But with everyone working at home, we can't realistically "Share" the kit.  We have the game largely ported to the XBOX but it's not ready for certification.  We haven't even started on the PS version of it.

In the process of porting, we've been able to make a number of improvements to the game from a performance point of view but again, not enough bandwidth to put it together for a PC update.

Once we have a unified version of the game, we will release it onto PS4/PS5/XBO/XBSX.  But I don't have any timeline for that as we are still all working from home sharing a single kit.

Meanwhile, the Star Control team has been sent over to other projects we have going on that you will likely start to hear about sometime next year.

The next Star Control sequel is still in the works but remains in pre-production.  We learned a lot during the development of Star Control: Origins and are pretty eager to apply those lessons to the next Star Control game.  But rest assured, that the Tywom, Phamyst, Arilou, Mowlings, and of course Jeff will be back for more plus a bunch of new aliens as Earth begins to explore new parsecs in the Scryve sector.

Stay tuned and have a merry Christmas!