Here's what to do with Stadia

Published on Monday, February 8, 2021 By Brad Wardell In PC Gaming

Google's streaming game platform, Stadia, has been having a rough time this past year.

From Take 2's CEO publicly calling them out to the recent Terraria debacle coming right after Google's decision to close their first-party studios, it's not looking too promising for Stadia these days.

The tech Stadia is run on is good.  We were deeply involved during the Yeti project and were very impressed with the potential.  We ported our engine over to Yeti and were ready to move our games to it.  The reason we haven't is a different subject and likely related to why there is relatively little content for Stadia today.

So what could Google do to turn it around?  

First, kill Stadia.  The whole business unit.  Fold it into YouTube and call it YouTube Gaming or something.

Second, integrate streaming and YouTube Gaming so that someone streaming a game on YouTube could easily let someone just start playing that game right then and there if it's there.

Third, make YouTube Gaming part of the YouTube premium subscription.  You pay for that and you get access to all the games on the platform while your subscription lives.   

Fourth, quit targeting high frame rate console games so much.  Focus on the games that people like to watch streaming (or games like them).  I don't want to play Cyberpunk on a Chromebook.  But I'd love to play a game like Galactic Civilizations, Crusader Kings, Civilization, RPGs, classic games (run via emulation), etc.   I'd just go to or something and type in the game I want to play and start playing it.  

Fifth, beef up your creator support.  Google has no clue how to compete. Microsoft, Sony, Nintendo treat their developer communities relatively well. They need to step up their game on supporting their creators if they want any serious enterprise to rely on them for their livelihoods.