GC4 Beta v0.75 preview

Published on Sunday, January 23, 2022 By Brad Wardell In GalCiv IV Early Access Feedback

This is, by no means, a complete list but here are some of the changes coming up:

  • Unwavering ability adds +100 to rebellion resistance (Takes much longer to culture flip)
  • Assigning a diplomat benefit increased from +1 to +3 relation points.
  • Shared borders diplomatic penalty reduced from -2 to -1.5
  • Want to conquer the galaxy effect on relations reduced from -2 to -1.5
  • Civs with "Cruel" AI trait double the effect of the above.
  • Base culture flip resistance increased from 10 to 100 (much slower to culturally flip a planet so that when you conquer a planet it doesn't just flip back).
  • War endurance increased for most civs so that they won't ask for peace unless there's been a genuine change in status.
  • Enforce the habitable planet counts so that occasional really means it.

  • Balance pass across habitable planet settings now that the setting is being enforced.
  • The influenceRadiusRoot changes over the course of the game so that all the players borders eventually grow to fill the map.

  • Diplomatic modifiers scale over the course of the game via # of turns.

  • Disabled code that was either preventing ships from moving or forcing them back into orbit.

  • Put in error checking code to prevent AI from seeing any planets it hasn't explored.

  • AI much much beter at conducting galactic wars with its ships
  • Cruel AI players don't care about defending class 1 planet colonies. Sorry. You're screwed.

  • Aggressive civs don't build defensive oriented ships.
  • AI much better at managing its planets
  • AI way less likely to declare war until they have a decent military.
  • Strip mining increases pollution by 1% (instead of 20%) (it adds up)

  • AI smarter about what durational projects it will run.
  • General planet improvement balance pass based on new economic factors.
  • Fixed Bob.


  • New music added.
  • AI values larger ships more making them more likely to build them.
  • Prestige victory categories get caps to prevent a runaway stat from resulting in game over, man!
  • AI will now compare themselves iwth their opponents and adjust their strategies based on keeping up.
  • AI much more likely to buidl starbases.
  • Medium hull cost reduced from 60 to 30
  • Medium hull design slots increased from 5 to 6
  • Large hull size reduced from 120 to 60 (this will probably get more adjustments)
  • Large hull design slots increased from 8 to 9
  • Huge hull size cost reduced from 240 to 120 (this will probably be adjusted)
  • Huge hull slots increased from 11 to 12.



Beta 0.75 will be out this week.