GalCiv IV 0.77B sneak preview

Published on Sunday, February 6, 2022 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations IV

As usual, this is, by no means, comprehensive


  • Heap corruption bug fixed. [causes crashing]
  • Aquatic worlds tech now available to all civs

  • Foreign affairs tech removed

  • Precursor Studies tech now available to all civs

  • Intermediate weapons techs now provide weapon boosts

  • Defensive studies gives ships a modest defense

  • More flavor text
  • Influence explosion on invasion issue fixed (again)
  • Star cluster sizes tweaked
  • Shipyard cost reduced from 60 to 36.
  • Default starting cluster size changed from large to small
  • Manufacturing costs for larger hull sizes increased
  • Occasional planet frequency now results in more planets
  • Occasional star frequnecy results in more stars
  • Tweak for making sure the number of sectors asked for actually show up in a game.
  • Minister of Production requirement changed to Manufacturing Capitals

More to come.

This build should go out this week.