The decline of Twitter

Published on Tuesday, March 22, 2022 By Brad Wardell In Everything Else

If I were to make a graph of the amount of time I spent on Twitter, it would have started at the founding of that service, peeked in 2015, gradually declined until 2019 and then plumuted.

As NASDAQ noted, Twitter isn't really profitable.  And how can it be? How can you base your business on something that might suspend your account based on the opinions of its far, far left employees? 

Satire site, Babylon Bee, was recently banned for making a satirical post about public figure, Rachel Levine, the trasngender assistant secretary of health.  Making death threats against conservatives is rarely punished.  President Trump's Twitter account is gone while Kathy Griffin, who famously called for violence against President Trump remains.

How can anyone seriously look at Twitter as a viable platform when the rules are always in motion and enforced so capriciously?  

It's only a matter of time before Twitter is gone.  And I suspect the world will be better for it.