GalCiv IV: The Supernova Roadmap!

Published on Friday, April 28, 2023 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations IV

Now with GalCiv IV in early access on Steam (with the Supernova expansion bundled) we’re going to try to provide a fairly comprehensive road map of what we have planned between now and release.





Initial Early Access

April 2023

Early access release of Beta version of GalCiv IV: Supernova

Civ Unlock 1

May 2023

Major classic civs unlocked

German Language Beta

May 2023

“Ich German sprecher bin am.”   

Civ Unlock 2

May 2023

More aliens unlocked

Big Balance update

May 2023

First big feedback integration on Gameplay feedback

AI generated quests

May 2023

This is where the AI will converse with you to ask for specific things using generative AI.

Core Engine Update

June 2023

Visual improvements, UI improvements, etc. This will be also part of an update to GC4: Epic

French, Italian, Portuguese, Russian Beta

June 2023

“Je Français parleur suis de.”   

Battle System Upgrade

June 2023

Lots of updates concerning the way battles to address player feedback we’ve gotten to that point on making combat more interesting.

Invasion System Update

June 2023

The new conquest system should be “finished” at this point. This will also be part of an update to GC4: Epic

Civ Unlock 3

June 2023

Rest of the new aliens will be unlocked to be played as.

Star Upgrades

July 2023

Stars can be upgraded to help all the planets within

Minor Civ Update

July 2023

Minor Civs will start to ask for favors and converse with the player (AI Generative in native language)

Big Balance Update II

July 2023

Feedback from players gets put into this update.

The big AI update

July 2023

All the evil players and their evil strategies will get put into the AI. This will also be brought back to GC4: Epic.

The big pacing update

August 2023

This will be where we bring it all together to see how everything together.

The big language update

August 2023

Spanish, Portuguese and other languages go in. “Yo Español hablador soy en.”

Final Polishing

August 2023

Just going through and making sure people love what we’ve done.


August 2023

Release. Could be pushed later but we’ll see.