AlientGPT: Your Art Requests put here

Published on Thursday, July 20, 2023 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations IV

AlienGPT in GalCiv IV focuses on the text generation for the game but also picks out alien images that were pre-generated based on previous inputs.

So while the text generation is real-time, the art is not.

The way it works is as follows:

  1. You enter a description for your alien race "A species of space cats seeking domination"
  2. You choose the traits for your civ (to the right of the description entry).
  3. You hit Generate
  4. Text is generated on our TachyonAI servers and sent back.
  5. Your description is parsed for nouns and verbs and adjectives and 9 pre-generated alien portraits are selected (3 random, 3 rough guesses and 3 best guesses) and sent back.
  6. the nouns and verbs are stored and used to generate new art.
  7. The art generation AI uses Stardock's existing art portfolio (30 years of art) for training. 
  8. New images are generated and put into the alien portraits library.

So post your wishes below.  I'll get it started:

A race of sentient grasshoppers

A species sentient lawn chairs

A civilization of exotic space slime

A race of aphids 

A race of praying mantises

A race of sentient bipedal ladybugs