GalCiv Translations: WE NEED YOUR HELP

Published on Sunday, August 20, 2023 By Brad Wardell In Galactic Civilizations IV


So if you look back at GalCiv III you'll notice it wasn't translated into that many languages. There's just a ton of text in this game and being a small American studio we don't really have ready access to a lot of people who speak a lot of languages.

Here are the languages we are just about to put out into the Insider's build:
German (improved over what is there now)
Brazilian Portuguese

However, the quality of these translations are not necessarily...great.

We also want to get
Simplified Chinese

What we are looking for help on (and we're willing to pay for your time) is to improve the quality of these translations.

The text is located in the directory Data subdirectory. You'll see the name of the language there and the files. It's fairly straight forward.

It's mostly editing work as often times, 95% of the text will be fine. But it'll be some translation where it doesn't make sense in a sci-fi setting.

If there is some other language you'd like us to support, let us know.