GalCiv IV v2.2 Holiday Update

Published on Wednesday, December 27, 2023 By Brad Wardell In GalCiv IV News

Hat tip to @Cephandrius for sending us his saved game. There was a case where you could get a stuck AI turn because it assumed it would always be able to build a designed ship. But in 2.2, we introduced the concept of the AI building the BEST ship even if it couldn't be built right then. So in rare cases, the AI wouldn't have any ships it could build. This update fixes it.

And since we were fixing that bug, we decided to include something many of you have asked for: Better map generation. This update has a new map generation algorithm for placing other players. Rather than weighting the dice on nudging players further from the player based on settings, this one does some enforcement to ensure that other players don't end up on top of you if you've set further distances. This change is for AI in your own sector.

  • Improved AI for designing player ships.
  • Fix for endless loop of the AI looking for the "perfect" ship to build (perfect is the enemy of good).
  • Improved map generation that enforces distance from player setting more stringently.