Futurama and France

Published on Sunday, September 28, 2003 By Brad Wardell In Movies & TV & Books
Saw the first episode of Futurama again today. My wife noticed something very interesting that snuck passed me but given the attention to detail this show has, I wonder what it could mean..

During the show, they do two New Years Eve countdowns (10...9...8...etc.). The first one, taking place in 1999, goes to various parts of the World. They show the Eiffel tower and the people say 9 in French. Similarly, every other part of the world says their number in their native language.

However, in 2999 during the count down when they bring up the Eiffel tower they say their number in English. Every other part says their number in their native language again.

An interesting implication - in Futurama, the French speak English in 2999.