September 2003 desktop

Published on Monday, September 1, 2003 By Brad Wardell In Personal Computing
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This is what my Windows XP desktop looks like this month. Now, if you're new to customizing Windows, you may wonder why it looks so different. My day job at Stardock includes being Product Manager of something called Object Desktop. It's a desktop enhancement suite that allows you to customize the heck out of Windows. Corporations use it to create secure desktops or branded desktops. Individuals use it for all kinds of reasons including just making Windows look cooler or maybe more productive (this visual style includes an MP3 player, a roll up button and buttons to launch programs that I use regularly and it uses less screen space than the typical XP title bar).

With a program called WinStyles ThemeManager, I can actually export my desktop as a .suite file which you can then download (I've included a link before) if you have WinStyles ThemeManager installed (it's free).

click image to download suite